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My name is Kenneth Gonzalez and this is my site. Thanks for stopping by. I think that the best way to get to know someone is to let their work speak for them. To that end, I am hoping that this blog and what I link to will do just that. Still, I figured that you’d probably want to know a little about me, so I thought I’d prime the pump a little bit and give you some basic background.

Most of the time, you’ll see me referred to (or refer to myself) as “kengon.” This is my nickname, not an error!

My Background

I have worked in technology since 1984 and have worked in multiple roles from that of an individual contributor to executive management. I have spent most of my career working as part of professional services organizations in software vendor organizations, but I have also spent time as part of “End User” organizations.

From a technology perspective, I have extensive experience in systems/software design and development, support and operations. No, I haven’t done it all, but I’ve come pretty close to it! Because of this, I bring significant technical and business leadership skills to my customers, students and workshop attendees.

What I Do

I am a recognized an industry expert and leader in Software Development, Technology Management, Outside-In Thinking, Lean and Service Management and am regularly invited to write and give presentations internationally. My perspective is valued because of my ability to help practitioners and customers alike better understand and apply these principles to deliver value and tangible results to customers.

My main professional focus is the delivery of advisory consulting services which focus on the area where Service Management, Personnel/Organizational Development and Data Center/Technology initiatives converge.

This specific focus helps ensure that client organizations and their personnel are better able to have successful projects and programs by:

  • Operating from a customer-centric view;
  • Enabling better identification and management of customer requirements;
  • Avoiding “Big Bang” projects and focusing on key results.
  • Reallocating resources to value producing activities, reducing the need the need for wholesale cuts.

How I Do It

In the delivery of my presentations, classes and consulting engagements, I use a wide range of proprietary and licensed materials, specific bodies of knowledge, as well as many well known commercial methods and frameworks. More importantly, I am able to reliably use my extensive skills in communication, leadership, cultural change and process design to help drive innovation, business-IT alignment and tangible results for customers. Fortunately, I have had experience doing this as both a consultant and internal change agent.

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