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Candid Conversation

The past few weeks have been pretty good. I spent part of it at the annual ServiceNow user conference — Knowledge13 in Las Vegas. It was a great conference and I’m so thankful to my esteemed colleague Michael Dortch for the opportunity to attend as a speaker and participate in his panel discussion on “ITSM in 2015 …

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Preliminary Thoughts On The Joint Venture With Capita

Based upon a recent exchange with Stuart Rance, Jason Druebert asked me: Twitter Conversation with Stuart Rance and Jason Druebert I think that this was a great and timely question to ask. As one might expect, I do have my own preliminary thoughts on the Joint Venture (JV) with Capita. Rather than composing a response and cluttering up the …

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On Birthdays: Older, Wiser or Neither?

Today is my birthday. Oh, yes, thank you.It’s been a pretty uneventful (and practically unproductive) day, but that wasn’t unexpected. Fortunately, the day isn’t over yet, so there is still *some* hope, but I wouldn’t place any bets! LOLYou see, I generally don’t do much on my birthday. Why? Let’s discuss…