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More podcasts, more fun!

One of the things I’d been hoping to do was to be out in the public eye a little bit more. As a result, I’d had the chance to speak with a few folks in “my network” and then received some invites to be on two more podcasts! WOO HOO

Would you like to know more?! O.o Well, click through and let’s get busy…

Podcast #1: InsightFinder with Dan Turchin

Dan is a really sharp guy and a great interviewer. We did prep for this one, but I’d like to think of it as setting conversational boundaries. I really enjoyed being able to talk about Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and what those meant for the future of IT and systems development

Podcast #2: Enterprise Service Management with Akshay Anand

Akshay is a long-time friend and he invited me to talk about something that I am really interested in — psychological safety in the military. Like the conversation with Dan, there was a plan and some prep work, but neither survived first contact with the microphone! It went in a direction that neither of us really anticipated.

I hope that you’ll take the time to have a listen to these and let me know here what you think!

Why Podcasts?

The answer is pretty simple — I enjoy talking with people! I must, because it’s been how I’ve made my living for the better part of the last 30 years. Unlike conversations at parties about the weather or your likes/dislikes, there are specific things that I like about podcasts:

Conversational Engagement Style

When you’re doing conversations really well, one important thing stands out:

“Anything can happen! It usually does…”


Sure, doing the prep is good and having a plan is good. The thing that really juices me up is that it’s an opportunity to engage with others and see where the conversation can take us. In both cases, things started off one way, but went to a whole new place that was (at least partially) unexpected. That’s the real magic, the thing worth playing for. It’s “no holds barred” and risky. That is a big draw for me.

If something doesn’t come out of the conversation that was surprising to myself or the other participants, I don’t think I’ve really brought myself fully to what we were talking about. This leads me to my next point…

Being an “Agent Provocateur” is FUN!

OK, being on a podcast will (might?) not put me in jail, but it can certainly ruffle a few feathers. In case you hadn’t noticed, I really love taking unpopular, counter-positions to what many believe is the traditional (or, dare I say, the “right way.”) I’m not afflicted with the notion that “because it’s common, it must be the way.” More often than not, I tend to assert that what is known as common practice is likely something that we should STOP doing, not accept and just plod along.

Given this, I like to use appearances on podcasts that have some reach as a mechanism for flexing and developing this muscle/power. When it comes to stating my view or offering guidance, I’m completely unabashed.


I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to listen to the podcasts and give the host and I some feedback on it.

Did we make you laugh? Cry? Regret spending the time? Learn something? Have an insight?

With me in the mix, all of these are potential outcomes! Look for more podcast participation here soon…

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