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Episode 07 – Thinking Like An Analyst

Well, you knew this one was coming, didn’t you? 😉

This is a call to action. Why? Let me tell you…

I think that, far too often, Analysts get placed on a pedestal for their work. Not that they don’t work hard, deserve recognition, or have a unique point of view. Those things are true! Now, I take exception to the extent to which they are conflated with “persons.” As in:

“Oh, you know that Ken, he’s just great at what he does and has tremendous insight. I couldn’t do that in a million years!”

Random, hypothetical customer reference to a recent interaction with me

This is where I take issue. Yes, I was there, and I led a conversation with them. No, it’s not personal. It’s not that I have some natural, innate ability that others do not. That would be pure vanity (and likely a fair bit of narcissism?) on my part.

No, what I do is primarily a function of the current knowledge, skills, and abilities I’ve cultivated up to this point. I can operate at a level of capability that others do not because I have invested in developing myself in this area and have had lots of practice to refine my craft.

This is the critical part. Being an analyst is more a state of mind and a set of capabilities anyone can develop. This is our starting point for providing a path forward for anyone to develop themselves. There will be lots more on this to come.

For now, dig in! Please leave comments, questions, or whatever else you have either here or on LinkedIn.

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Figure 1 – The Analyst Perspective

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