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Episode 00 – A Podcast?! Yikes!!

Yes, it’s true — I’m doing a podcast. This is the beginning.

What am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Let me elaborate…

This is my way of starting off 2024 on a strong note. Start something new, give something away!

Listen to the episode now [Open the player page]

Listen now, continue reading, or do both. Whatever you prefer! It’s your choice.

My intent behind the first episode is simple. I want people to start to get to know me and lay out how I think that this series will unfold over the course of 2024.

I’ll be posting on a weekly basis and will do my best to not ramble! Those of you who know me well will understand the level of challenge this represents 😛

I’ll also be working on how best to engage with folks and stepping up my production game. I’m hoping to keep these relatively short and focused. I’m hoping that the average length will be between 10-20 minutes per episode. I certainly won’t be making them longer than they need to be to cover what’s needed to get the point across in the episode, so there may be some variation.

Really, I’m just happy to get it going!

Huge kudos and thanks to my friend and fellow industry professional Jeffery Terfetiller for his generous invitation to participate and personal encouragement to get this started. Thank you, sir!

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