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“So you get on a podcast with your pals the other dayyyyyyy…”

I’d have been so disappointed with myself if I couldn’t work a Letterkenny reference into this post! 😉

I had the opportunity this week to reconnect with two long-time, valued industry colleagues: Barclay Rae and Ian Aitchison on their Enterprise Digital Podcast.

Surprised?! O.o Well, click on the title and let me explain…

For the better part of the past five years, I’ve been pretty quiet. That’s probably the understatement of the decade! LOL

I’ve been really focused on doing my full-time job at Gartner. It’s not that I’m not focused on that anymore, because I am! What is true though is that I’ve changed roles at the company and both the work I do and my workload has shifted. As a result, I have a bit more freedom to move, engage that I didn’t have before. For me, this is an opportunity to exercise that freedom — taking it out for a “test drive,” if you will.

Participating in this podcast is one of my first steps of being more visible, back in the public eye AND consistent with what I shared about in my last post about the restart of this blog.

I only have one criticism, specifically related to my performance in the conversation. That is the number of times I actually said the word “actually” during the course of the conversation. It’s a bit embarrassing, but there you go. I’m human, flawed, and have my rough edges to round out. The way I see it, it’s all an opportunity to improve. If that bothers you, you can ask Barclay or Ian for your money back! (Last I knew, it was free… just sayin’)

I’ve often described myself (only partially jokingly) as being “a ‘jack of all trades’ and a ‘master of some’.” From an employment perspective, there are certain things that I get to do and talk about in my daily work. I see this as being only a portion of what I can do and am interested in. As such, my intent is not to encroach on the things that I do day-to-day, but to expand and think about things in new directions.

I encourage you to give a listen to the podcast. I enjoyed it and I hope you do too!

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Go listen to the podcast now…

If you have comments or questions, please get busy! Ask a question, comment, connect with me — here or LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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