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Episode 09 – “You Are What You Eat…”

Today’s episode is fairly packed and it’s a first cut on resources and planning for personal/professional development. Why this? Well…

I am passionate about the topic! I’ve continually got something I’m reading or listening to that is part of my development plan. Nothing in life stays static, there’s always movement, even if it’s not apparent. As such, I think it’s important for people to recognize this and always be on the hunt for “What’s Next?”

That’s the spirit I took in crafting this episode. It’s a bit longer than I have been producing, but not by much. I think it’s still something someone can consume on a “break”

Enough prologue! Get on with the listening, eh? 😉

Listen to the episode now [Open the player page]

I’m thinking about adding some resources here, but I don’t know what would be valuable. If you have thoughts on it, drop a message here or on LinkedIn!

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