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Episode 08 – Standards, Frameworks, and Conformance – Oh my!

In this episode I have the opportunity to connect with a longtime friend and colleague, Mart Rovers of Interprom USA. This is a discussion on the utility and relevance of standards in today’s organization. Want to know more? Great!

I had a ton of fun in this conversation and hope that you enjoy it as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t have nearly enough time to talk about all I’d really wanted to discuss on this. As such, you can look forward to another installment again soon! There’s a whole lot more to talk about. With that being said, we laid the groundwork for how to think about and get started with an organizations standards conformance journey. It’s not for the faint of heart or to be taken lightly, but there certainly is a significant benefit to be had, if you manage the different dimensions well.

OK, so quit reading and start listening! 😉

Listen to the episode now [Open the player page]


Here is the link to some of the resources that we talked about during the episode. Be advised that I will add to the list as time goes along, so feel free to check back. If you have a resource that you’d care to recommend, please send me a message and I’ll consider it!

1 thought on “Episode 08 – Standards, Frameworks, and Conformance – Oh my!”

  1. Cassandra E Kittle

    Thank you for covering this topic. I think it may have been just in time for me.

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